The Twist; A Wife Crossdresses her Husband

lingerie-saleStephanie slipped her feet into her pumps, and grabbed her purse in the hallway closet; pulling some lipstick out to apply it.  She waited for her husband to join her.  They were going shopping again, and had enjoyed this routine every month or so, now for a couple of years since they had gotten married.  It was a nice reciprocating arrangement where they would head to the mall and would generously pick out things for one another.

Kevin appeared.


“Sure am, Hubbie!”

They headed into the garage and to the car.  Stephanie sat shotgun; and Kevin was behind the wheel.

“So Kevin, I was thinking we’ll try a little twist today.”

Kevin glanced over at his wife briefly before looking back at the road ahead of them.  “A twist?”

“Yes, I’ve been noticing some things about you recently.  Things that have gotten me quite excited actually.”

Kevin was a little confused.  “What things?”

Stephanie replied back with a little higher voice of curiosity; “Let’s just kind of leave it there for now; but let me explain how today will go.  Today you pick something for me, and I pick something for you. Like normal. But the twist is that the things we pick for each other, we HAVE to accept with no exception.”

“So the things I pick for you, you have to take.  And the things you pick for me, I have to take.”  Kevin only could register a subtle difference in the routine.  “OK, it sounds almost like what we normally do, babes.”

“Sort of.”

“What is it I’m doing that makes you excited?”

“You’ll find out.”

Kevin parked the car, and they walked arm-in-arm into the mall.  Their first stop was Victoria’s Secret.  It usually was, because of its proximity to the mall entrance.  Kevin hovered near his wife as they browsed around the lingerie.  He was watching her for signs of things she liked.  She evaluated lingerie fabrics from panties and bras, but eventually settled in front of a clothing rack.  Stephanie pulled a medium velvet blazer from the rack, in black, and tried it on in front of the mirror.

“What do you think?” she asked Kevin.

“You look fantastic in it.  It has a great cut.”

Stephanie removed the blazer and put it back on the rack.  Kevin picked it right up; “Your first item my dear.”

“For me?  Well thank you so much!” Stephanie overplayed her enthusiasm for effect and beamed.

Kevin started to walk to the register, but stopped when his wife called out at him.  “Wait Kevin!  These too.”  She handed him a pair of black lacy panties.


“They’re for you,” she said.  “This is your item. I want you to wear them.”

“What?”  Kevin looked puzzled.

“Like I said in the car, and you agreed.  Whatever we pick for each other, the other has to take.”

“I didn’t agree.”  Kevin shook his head.

“Yes you did.”

“Well I’m not agreeing now.”  Kevin was frozen, but didn’t want to rock the scene in the store.  He could see his wife was getting mildly upset, so he just grabbed the item and figured to pay for it.  He could sort this out with her later.

They left the store.  “Kevin, I want you to wear them.”

“Why?  Is this something that you said makes you excited?”  Kevin was trying to downplay things, but the only thing he could think of was that his wife must have noticed that her lingerie drawer was a little out of place.  He had been careful to make sure things were right back to where he found them, but admittedly he wasn’t as good at folding things neatly.  Maybe she noticed.  But how would she know he would wear them?  His face flushed with embarrassment.

“You agreed in the car.  I don’t want to debate it any further.  Today I am insisting on the twist.”  Stephanie was adamant.

Kevin was wondering if this was some sort of punishment for messing up her lingerie drawer, but he figured his best angle was to continue to play dumb for fear of further embarrassment.  So finally thinking it through in his head, Kevin acquiesced.  “Look … OK … if this is something you want, then fine.”

Stephanie looked over at the public restroom.  “Now?” asked Kevin.  Stephanie nodded; and Kevin went into the men’s room in the mall to change into the panties he had just purchased at Victoria’s Secret.  He emerged from the lavatory and placed his boxers in the shopping bag.  “Satisfied?” he asked his wife.

Stephanie nodded back.  “We still have more shopping to do.”  Kevin followed along her side, but was a little shaken.  What did she mean by that?

They headed down the concourse of the mall, and Stephanie stopped in front of the Ann Taylor Loft store for women.  “I’m not sure I want to head in there for fear of what might come next!” Kevin was being funny, but his voice warbled subtly.

Stephanie grinned warmly back at her husband to ease him.  “Oh relax!” She clutched him arm-in-arm and dragged him into the store.

Somehow Kevin was more at ease with everything now, considering his wife’s response just then.  But he was definitely being careful and watched her every move strategically.  Stephanie, meanwhile, secretly spied the store’s inventory for opportunity.

She settled in front of a fuchsia, oxford blouse with a flattering design.  She took a medium off the rack and held it in her hand.  She looked at a nice pair of jeans that hung with it.  They had cute rhinestones on the back pockets.  She found a size 6 and pulled it from the rack.  “I want to try these on.  Come with me?”  Stephanie looked to her husband for approval.

“Sure.” Kevin followed his wife into the fitting room.  He wasn’t sure he was allowed, but no one stopped him.

Stephanie giggled as she slipped out of her clothes inside the square fitting room.  She grabbed the fuchsia top from the hanger, and Kevin noticed that she had apparently taken two blouses.  “Here.  We can match.  Try it on.”

Kevin’s knees weakened again as he privately processed what she had just said.  He realized that she must know now that he goes through her lingerie drawer, and that he occasionally also tries on some of her clothes.  As discreet as he had been trying to be, maybe he just was not being careful enough.  He spoke up; “So Steph, what are you trying to do to me?”

Stephanie wriggled into the jeans, and flounced out the blouse; “Kevin, I know you wear my lingerie and my clothing.  Why wouldn’t you?  Your clothes are drab.  I don’t know why men don’t rebel.  And you don’t have to keep anything like this from me!  You know that?”  She studied her husband’s response.  He was really a perfect blend of cute and handsome.  “Try it on.  Please?”

Kevin looked at the blouse, and took it quietly.  He pulled off his shirt and slipped on the flamboyantly fuchsia blouse over his bare shoulders and buttoned it.  Stephanie smiled.  “You look great, sweetie.”

“Not as good as you.”

“You might be surprised,” Stephanie let out a sexy little cackle.  She put on the velvet jacket from Victoria’s Secret.  “I want to see if they have something to go with it.”  She led Kevin out of the fitting room and back into the store.

An attractive woman, probably in her 30’s, came over to help.  She gave Stephanie’s ensemble a look; “That jacket is so cute with that!  Are you finding everything alright?”  She directed her question to Stephanie before looking at Kevin, and gave him a sudden look of confusion.  “Are you guys matching?”

“YES!!! Doesn’t it look really good on him!?”  Kevin raised his eyebrows at the elevating hysterics, and let the women have their moment.

“It so DOES!!”  The woman breathed in deeply with her mouth wide open, and held her hand flat up high on her chest.  “I don’t think I’ve ever had this happen before!”  She beamed.

“Do you have any flats?”  Stephanie looked around the store.

“Back here.”  The women purposefully headed to the back end of the store.

“Oh perfect!  Hon’ look at these!”  She picked up and held out to Kevin a pair of black-patent loafers with a golden-toned, animal print on the top surface.

Kevin looked at the shoe his wife held, and smiled.  They had recently just discussed a mutual fondness for animal print items.  He was joking with her about it, sort of.  But she knew he was secretly covering up his own true liking.

“For him?” the saleswoman asked.

“Yes, about a size nine men’s, so say a nine and a half?”

The woman disappeared through a door, and Kevin uttered; “No way, Steph.”

“Today’s rules are different hon’.”

“Yes, you said that.”

The woman reappeared quietly with a box.  “Do you want to try them on?”  She batted her eyelashes at him.

“Yes.”  Stephanie answered for her husband.

Kevin tried on the black patent loafers with animal print top, and the size fit fine.

“Comfy?” the woman asked.

“Yes.  Yes, surprisingly so.” replied Kevin.

“OK, so we are going to wear this stuff out of here,” Stephanie said.

Kevin didn’t care anymore.  Everything was so out in the open now.  They paid for the clothes and shoes, exchanged small talk with the sales woman, and cleared their way back into the mall.

Stephanie and Kevin walked arm-in-arm again in the mall.  Stephanie smiled with pride at her dazzlingly dressed husband, who was now wearing a brilliant blouse, fancy women’s shoes, and lingerie underwear.  To Kevin’s amazement, almost no one gave him much of a second look as he walked more and more confidently through the mall with his wife.

“So you’ve known about my snooping in your closet?”

Stephanie nodded.  “Yup.  Ever since we were dating.”

“What were you thinking marrying someone who does that!?”  Kevin joked.

“That he has an awesome little wrinkle in his personality.  That’s all.”

They headed out to the car.  Kevin emerged from the mall and into the world wearing an ensemble that was a mix of women’s and men’s items.  Why not?  Women mixed and matched all the time! Stephanie walked over to the driver’s door and went through her purse to find the keys.  “I’ll drive, honey.”  Kevin didn’t make a big deal out of it, and changed his direction to the passenger side.  They got into the car and started to drive home.

“Still like your new shoes?” Stephanie teased.

“You know animal print is very sexy,” joked Kevin back at her.

Stephanie smiled and nodded and continued toward home. When they got to the house, she tugged at her husband to join her in the bedroom.  She embraced him and began to kiss him passionately.  They exchanged kisses, and reciprocated hot breaths.  They touched tongues.  She took off her blazer and reached forward to unbutton his blouse; leaving it opened on his torso.  She ran her hand down the skin of his body that showed through the opened center.  Clearing her hand out of the way, she leaned in to nibble and suckle at his chest, and licked him all over.  Kevin leaned back his head and heaved a sigh of content.

She pushed him down onto the bed, unbuttoned his jeans to pull them down past his knees, and all the way off.  Kevin bulged under his panties, and a small wet spot was on the front of the delicate silk.  Stephanie removed her jeans and mounted her husband.  She took off her top as she looked down at him; taking his arms to extend over his head to stretch his torso from the abdomen. She kissed him all over his lips, to his jaw line, and down his neck.  Her kisses continued down to his chest in between the hot fuchsia fabric of his blouse.  Kevin rolled his eyes back and pleasantly sighed some more as her mouth danced all over his upper body.

Stephanie looked up from her kisses.  She softly dragged her slender fingers down Kevin’s torso, settled them onto his hips, and then slipped them under the waist of his panties.  She tortured the black, lacey fabric off his pelvis and pulled the panties down over his thighs, and off.  Kevin lay naked in his hot fuchsia blouse, and Stephanie whisked her own underwear off.  She pressed her fingers down on a little nub of skin near the top underside of his hardness.  She rubbed him with her fingers, felt him getting harder, and then licked his blossoming groin.  Her tongue lapped at him and she tasted small amounts of liquid that began to leak out from his tip as things got more slippery.

She straddled his pelvis, and sank down on him.   He splayed his thighs wide to accept her, and she began slow, rhythmic thrusts while hovering over him.  Kevin moaned underneath her, and that excited her to hear his noises.  She let out a deep purr to go with it.

Kevin wrapped his bare legs around her as she bobbed up and down on him longer.  She became hungrier with lust and thrust down on him harder and faster.  Her groin swelled as she came onto him.  He felt her coming, and let his body go.  He felt a torrential wave crush its way from inside to a tingling sensation outside; and he released while rolling his eyes back into his head.  He let out a gasp when he lost control and called out softly; “Oh, Stephanie.”

Stephanie collapsed on top of him and kissed him; running her hands through his hair, and under his loose, fuchsia blouse.

“I love you,” he whispered.

“I love you too.”


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