The Office Distraction

Keri was distractedtumblr_mcln40u68a1r140cso1_500by anything she could find in her office cubicle.  But there were no messages on her phone, nothing newsworthy on the Internet, and only irrelevant emails popped lazily into her inbox.

She got angry with herself.

Darn it!  I am so unfocused!

A man.  She couldn’t stop thinking about the hottie she met the past weekend.  It was Wednesday, and she had only been introduced to him that past Saturday, but she thought about him every day since.  Her thoughts had finally tilted now into a feral obsession.

He had remarkably green eyes.  There was a little bit of grey and cream color in thegreen also, and the whites around his irises seemed flawless.   The shape of his face was longer, or oval, with a slightly pointed-to-square chin. Maybe it was the two or three days of stubble that made his features so prominent.  His complexion was tanned.  He clearly knew how to dress.  And his shortish-brown hair was perfectly mussed.  He was O-M-G,my hormones are on alert, cute.

Her distraction continued unabated.  She was a taller woman, maybe around five feet nine inches; and she liked to wear heels all the time even still.  David, the man she met, was even taller than her. That was something she liked a lot.  His last name was Navas.  Was he Spanish or something?  She wrote “Keri Navas” on a post-it-note pad on her desk.

Oh my gosh!  This is pathetic!!!

She crinkled up the post-it-note and threw it in the trash.

“What are you doing for lunch?”  The voice came over her cubicle wall, from Beth.

Keri breathed out.  “I don’t know.  I’ve been so unproductive today.  I think I better just grab a yogurt from the cafeteria and eat it here.”

“That’s no fun.”  Beth glanced out of the windows near the aisle of cubicles.  “It looks gorgeous out.”

“I know.”

“Well, I’m going out with Jean and Michelle.  Text me if you want to catch up?”

“I will.  Thanks Beth.”

Keri took her purse, and made her way to the cafeteria.  The office was deserted as it seemed like everyone was going out except for her.  Her mood wasn’t right for it.  A yogurt and some fruit would be fine enough.

It was really quiet back at her desk.  She spooned at her lunch while she browsed the Internet for mindless things.


She still wasn’t very motivated, which was pathetic in her judgment, so she clicked her browser closed and just focused on the plastic spoon and yogurt cup in her hands.  The scraping noise from the plastic spoon was something that helped take her mind of him – for, like, eleven seconds.

It was the beginning of summer and it was getting hot.  The air conditioning just wasn’t going right.  Not that she minded, because she couldn’t stand breezy cold air-conditioning anyway.  But still, it was getting a little uncomfortable.

She put her sandy brown hair up, pulling it off her neck and shoulders so that she could feel some air, and twisted a ponytail into place.  Her feet were getting hot.  My God, veins pulsed plump into three dimensions from the topsides, so she took off her pumps.  The way so many women presented themselves as bimbos in the workplace always bothered Keri.  She made sure to dress impeccably, and avoided overly feminine clothing that was too distracting.  Today she wore a brown pencil skirt that was just above her knees, a white oxford blouse tucked in, and her chocolate crocodile-skin pumps.  She felt bad about taking off her shoes, but the office was nearly empty in the lunch hour, and she would just put them back on later.

Her bosses raved about her.  She stood as tall as almost anyone.  She was usually one of the first to arrive in the morning, and was very articulate.  Maybe she was a really fast talker at times, but that was mostly taken as a sign of high energy.  Today, however, she felt like a slug and just wanted to melt inside her cubicle.

David Navas.  Green-eyed hottie.

She glanced at her cell phone.  No messages.  She wished he had asked for her number.  Looking at the dull spreadsheet on her computer, she put her knees together and clenched her upper thighs.  God, she was a little wet.  Her underwear was already moistening.


Her mind drifted again, and she imagined him shirtless with her palm pressed flat onto his chest.  She clenched her thighs with repeated pulses, and subtly motioned her hips in a circle.  She snapped out of it.

What am I doing?

Things had to stop before she embarrassed herself.  The last thing she needed was to have a wet spot show up on her skirt.  People would be drifting back into the office any minute, and this needed to stop.  But she wanted to touch herself badly.

Not appropriate.  No Keri.  No way are you going to go there.

She crossed one leg over the other and looked at her computer screen, idly.  She pressed one thigh down onto the other and felt the crush inside her.  The temptation was too great as David’s handsome face and startling eyes flashed indelibly in her mind.  Keri stood to break the pattern, and peered across the office and over the tops of several rows of empty cubicles.  The floor was still deserted.  She started to sit back down, pondered the little dare that challenged her consciousness, and hurriedly stepped out of her underwear after reaching up under her skirt.  She took her panties and balled them into a little pile of cotton; jamming them between her thighs as she settled down.  She then clenched her legs and grabbed furiously at her tightly-balled undergarment bunch with her thighs.

David …

She was beginning to open. What she was doing was of course dangerously conspicuous. And she felt completely wrong doing it. Guilt.

Her heart throttled, and she felt like it rammed up into her throat like it was in an elevator.

Oh my gosh. Cameras?  Do they have cameras in here?  No Keri.  Paranoia.

She slowed her pace, and opened her thighs by spreading her knees.  The cool air gushed up inside her skirt, and she felt herself vibrating autonomously all over.  She got goose-pimples on her arms, but her feet were on fire.  She rubbed one up against the other, comingling her toes.

She pressed her legs together again, hard, and quivered.  She could feel that she had definitely parted open, and she allowed her eyes to close as she kicked her feet out in symmetrically circular motions.

Footsteps!  Oh my gosh.  Keri stop!!!  You pushed this too far!

Three men walked briskly by her cubicle.  They were talking before reaching her, but had gotten quiet as they walked by.  She organized herself and looked up and saw them smiling towards one another.

Rapid heart decent into stomach. Freefalling drop. Boom.

Their actions were only typical of males walking by a female in the office, she reminded herself.  Unless someone were right in her cubicle moments earlier, there was nothing else obvious to give away what she was doing.  But there was the smell of herself. She drew in a deep breath to make sure, and quickly grabbed a mirror from her purse to see her flushed face.

Shoot.  I need to freshen up.

Keri tried to force her hot feet back into her pumps, but they had swelled and she could not comfortably slip into them.  She took her orange crème skin lotion and rubbed some onto her feet so that she could slide in more easily.

In the lavatory, she reapplied her makeup, and dabbed a wet paper towel around her neckline.  She entered a stall and closed the door.  She felt too aroused and was overtly concerned that she still smelled like musk.  Her underwear was soaked and useless, so she folded it neatly into her purse.

God, what would have happened if I had an orgasm?  Get a hold of yourself, Keri.

She panicked and desperately tried to think how she could prepare herself back to normal.  She hastily took her orange crème lotion and massaged a small amount high up around the inside of her thighs.  The smell from the lotion overtook her own scent of arousal, and that calmed her down.  And by settling down, she also was able to cool off a little bit while she sat in the stall. 

What time is it?  How long have I been in here?

Keri reached forward to take her cell phone from her purse that hung on the stall hook.

God, I’ve been in here too long.

She gathered herself, and exited the stall.  People were coming and going now in the lavatory.  The lunch rush must have been over.  Glancing in the mirror she felt that she looked presentable.  She never had an issue with her nipples showing through her bras, which was a good thing as she was absolutely convinced that she was perked to attention now.  She smiled at one of her colleagues in the lavatory, waving amiably without saying much on her way out.

Walking back to her desk she felt her folds slipping ridiculously.  She smelled the orange crème, and got nervous knowing where it was coming from.

Maybe the lotion was a mistake.

Also knowing that she was not wearing underwear beneath her skirt as she walked publicly through the office aisles became unbearable.  Her feet were still horribly hot, and also slipped a little now in her heels.  She felt little micro-vibrations throughout the back of her arms, her rear-end, and hamstrings.

I’m such an effing hot mess.

“Are you alright?”  Beth looked over at her colleague as Keri approached.

“Umm, yeah.  I’m fine!”  Keri flashed a blank stare of fear.

“You look flushed, that’s all.”

“Yeah, it’s hot in here.  Isn’t it?”

“A little bit.  It really is gorgeous out.”  Beth leaned over the cubicle wall and whispered; “If I didn’t know better I would have thought you just had sex!”  She ogled her eyes like a crazy girl and grinned.

Something in Keri’s stomach felt like it pierced at her gut, and she giggled nervously while putting her purse away.  “No, just hot. I’m not sure I’m feeling well.”

The two women got quiet as a man walked by.

Keri sat back down and gave her spreadsheet an honest attempt, for about thirty seconds before he popped back into her mind again.  She began to sweat.  She was frustrated.  Her feet were stuck hot inside her pumps, and her flower remained parted.  She could feel she was hardened and ached to press on her sex button.

Settle down Keri. Concentrate. No. I’m absolutely going to lose it.

Keri stiff-armed her inner voice with a virtual hand up in the air, as the image of her man wouldn’t leave her alone.  She didn’t touch herself, but she took her panties from her purse and scrunched them again up against her crotch.  Light green lace.  Why did she choose the prettiest ones today?  She crushed her thighs together, squeezed tight with rhythmic pulses, and pressed downward onto her chair.  Her arousal swelled beyond where she left off before.  She sat more erect, and forced her chest outward as she mocked work by laying her hands on her computer keyboard and actually tried to type.  She sucked in her abdomen, and forced her waist to rotate in a tiny orbit around the space just below her belly.

The white noise of the office hushed through the air.  Voices having real work conversations were dampened.  Then, Beth got a visitor.

Too close.  Stop, Keri.

Keri sat pensively.  She was tense and shook again with the micro-vibrations. Her orange crème lotion liquefied into streams that flowed all over, and she felt her underwear awkwardly stuffed up against her vagina.  She held her legs together, and let her clitoris pulse in protest of being ignored.  Her lips pouted with denial.  Still highly attentive, she tentatively listened close to the conversation in the cubicle next to her.  They were going over some cost accounting blabber.  She continued to pretend to work.

She knew the man visiting Beth, and couldn’t wait for him to leave.  Not that he wasn’t cute, she liked him a lot in fact.  But he was married already.  Her own attitude that day was really pissing herself off.  But she had stopped caring.  Tomorrow would be another day.

“Hi Keri.”

She looked up to see the cute married guy peering now into her cubicle.  “Hi Steve.”

Act normal.  Panties in a bunch … hot … normal …. not.

“Staying out of trouble?”

“No.”  Keri giggled awkwardly, but normally and friendly.  Her demeanor was usually overly congenial unless she got to a point that forced her to put her foot down on something.

Get him to go away.

“I have to call the plant.”  She smiled and gave him a friendly expression as she picked up the phone to dial it.

He smiled back.  “Talk to you later, then.”   He called out to her as he walked away, “Let’s do a lunch run soon. OK?”

She dialed her girlfriend, not the plant.

“What number are you calling me from?”

Keri gave a slow, breathy giggle at Stephanie.  “My work phone.”

“I was wondering who this was!  Where is your cell?”

“I had to call you with this phone because I wanted this guy to leave my desk.  Oh my gosh I have been so miserable today.”

Stephanie laughed.  “That is too funny.”

“So Steph, You know that guy David, from Saturday?  I can’t stop thinking about him.”

“You know he asked about you.”

“Shut up!”

“Yeah, he wants your number.”

“So were you going to pass along this info to me sometime?  You’re killing me!”

Stephanie let out a  wise-cracking noise; “Ahhoooh … I THOUGHT two people were clicking!”

Keri made a short, throat-clearing noise.  Actually, it sounded like a low and heavy puff into the phone receiver.  She put her hand to her forehead.  Her posture was slouched over her desk as she strained to talk ultra-quietly.  She was still keenly aware of the underwear that was bunched-up, and completely wet between her legs.  “Ok, give him my number.  Please?  I gotta go.”

Stephanie was used to her girlfriend cutting off daytime conversations abruptly.  “Ok, I will.  Call me tonight.”

“I will.  Bye.”  Keri clicked down the receiver.  Her body shook all over with so much excitement that she almost wanted to pass out.  Actually, she wanted to get the hell out of work.

His face was fully emblazoned now in her mind, and Keri crushed her thighs back together again.  She pressed with so much reckless abandon.  She pushed down onto her office chair and jutted her chest back out as she placed her hands back onto her keyboard.  She had been going at herself off and on now for almost an hour and could not stop.  She dropped her knees down lower as her arousal surpassed the two times she had gotten this far before.

She wanted to press her fingers onto herself, or even penetrate inside with them, but there was no way she would do that in the office.  Instead she just imagined that she did.  David’s body was on her mind.  She imagined rope-like muscles landscaped across his torso collapsing on top of her.  She felt like she was sitting in a fire, and she knew damned well that she was flushed.

Just say you’re getting sick, or that it’s feeling really hot in here to you.

She sucked in her abdomen and subtly made more circular motions at her waist.  Everything that was slickened with lotion slipped sloppily against anything that was aroused.  Her hardened clitoris slid out all by itself and she felt it beaming, and screaming out to be touched finally.  So she pressed down hard onto her chair with one severe push, and held her legs tensely and grinded subtly.  She buried her face into her hands, and behind her computer monitor.  She shook imperceptibly as she held herself together tightly, letting her thighs vibrate with those addicting micro-vibrations.  She felt like she suddenly needed to run to the bathroom, but she couldn’t spread herself apart, or stand.  So she relaxed and just gave in, and let her eyes flutter.

Oh my gosh, David…


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