With this posting I am presenting The Twist which addresses crossdressing themes. Twist Me!!!Crossdressing is definitely a male-dominated fetish. Maybe. I say that because as a woman, I can wear whatever I want. So maybe I can act on my fetish openly, and freely express an inner emotion by wearing a colorful dress that whisks over the skin of my legs in broad daylight, without so much of a glare? This is obviously not the case with men, who are subject to very restrictive boundaries by society. I mean, I know what I’m attracted to and it is not a man in a dress. Maybe. = P

There are probably a lot of emotional elements to crossdressing, and I am not a comprehensive expert on the matter. But it seems that one important concept for many, is how to come to grips with their crossdressing. Important issues relating to “coming out” need to be bridged. Another, more exciting, concept is the thrill of getting away with something that is taboo; like going out en femme or wearing something feminine underneath it all. The Twist approaches both of these concepts directly.

There is also a sex scene at the end of this story, that completes the twist. The sex scene might provide an element of femdom that is particularly satisfying to some. I’m just theorizing about this of course, but it could be that a lot of crossdressing men simply enjoy the escape from their alpha male societal requirements. So the sex scene at the end of The Twist might just cap off a full dose of what they need to scratch their itch!


~ Diana