here-comes-summer-1From the nasty sting of a Portuguese Man of War in the warm Atlantic Ocean, to the hot crush for a beach stud.  I love summer erotica! And thank gawd daylight savings time and warm weather is around the corner.  I am soooo ready for it!!!

I recently met someone who had a story to tell about the time she was stung by no ordinary jellyfish, and it struck me just right.  I loved it in fact. The creature that stung her was a Portuguese Man of War (how much more romantically dangerous can it sound!); and her story is something begging to blossom wonderfully into an urban legend.  She says it’s a true story, and I do believe her.  Which makes it even hotter.  = P

What I love most about this story is that it appeals to all of my feminine love making instincts.  There is the obligatory ogling at a hottie, worrying not to appear stupid in front of him, having him take control, and losing it in the end.  Oh … my … gosh ……. can it scratch the itch any better?

I took a lot of my acquaintance’s accounts directly, and packaged them up into this tidy little story. Of course I am a geek, and carefully put in some wiki material to make all of us that much smarter even after reading a little spot of erotica.  But I hope I did her experience justice too.  As I thought about writing this story, I considered that one element that would make it even more arousing was to keep it a live, first person narrative from the main character.  I know I THOROUGHLY enjoyed writing this story as my own all the way until the ending.

Enjoy The Portuguese Man of War everyone, and happy beginnings of Spring in the Northern Hemisphere!

Warm hugs as usual,

~ Diana