I had a conversation with a friend about the subject of getting aroused.  What made the conversation unique was that we were specifically talking about getting aroused at the WRONG time.  We chatted happily and candidly about the places this has happened to us both.  Yeah ,,, it was a fun conversation.  The kind you have every once in a while.

So for inspiration for The Office Distraction I took that conversation and began to think about my office; and those awful, distracted days when I couldn’t get anything done for one reason or another — not necessarily THE reason I wrote about in The Office Distraction. Or maybe ,,,

You should also know that I like to role model strong female characters.  As you read The Office Distraction, I’m curious if you feel that the lead character is an alpha female or not.  Drop me a comment or note and let me know. I’d love to hear back from you.  And even better yet ,,, I’ll offer another challenge to anyone; tell me YOUR story.  Write it!  Or rewrite mine in the way how you want it.  I’ll probably work with you to post your writing to this site.

So ,,, Finally. Another story to post as I dedicate this site to erotica and fetish subjects built on trust.  I enjoy writing these stories even though some would think they’re trash.  I won’t lie ,,, this one is steamy.  Well these things are quick and fun trash at least; and the crowd knows best, don’t we!  So please, distract yourselves with The Office Distraction!

Warm Hugz and Fuzzy Distractions