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I’m not sure what it is about our feet that gets us tingling with excitement, but it’s definitely true that a foot fetish might be more common than any other. Women love cute bows on shoes, and manicured toes. Men love to look. However simple, it’s always fun to find someone who can take something to its extreme, as revealed in my first posted sample story, The Mistress and Her Footslave.

Someone approached me a couple of years ago with a foot fetish, and an itch for femdom to go with it. Actually, it’s common to see these two fetishes go together as a lot of men enjoy the thought of sexy feet stomping, or trampling on them. I’m not sure, but it could be a welcome relief to escape the male bravado that they perceive society encourages. We like our men in control, right?

So back to The Mistress and Her Footslave; this would be no ordinary foot trampling. My friend showed me a shocking online video of a man getting slowly run over by a CAR! How does this relate to a foot fetish and femdom, you ask? Well it takes a woman’s foot to operate the car doesn’t it? I think you get the idea…

I like The Mistress and Her Footslave because it’s an example of creativity to the extreme. It’s also a neat example of how a story without a sex scene can also somehow be highly satisfying in an erotic sense. As you read the story, keep in mind that a lot of people are highly sensitized to its content in erotic ways. It’s just a wonderful example of an innocent fetish, twisted to the extreme; but it still stays innocent. Enjoy!