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Introductory messages can be so full of hope and expectations!

I love writing in the erotica and fetish genre because it connects me to so many genuine people all over the world. A person who shares his or her inner fantasies is taking a risk that he or she will be judged. But that person is typically happier, less suppressed by nature, and has nothing to hide. I find that type of person more trustworthy, and I like that.

Obviously I also enjoy writing erotica because I get an exciting charge from it also. <raar> & <plant tongue firmly in cheek>  Aren’t some fetishes and fantasies so creative? I just love that.

Lastly, let me also confess to you that I am not so new at this. I decided to start this website and blog from scratch to more target my endeavor with you.  I hope it evolves to be very intimate in the long run in appearance and content.

Your erotica and fetishes plus mine, dedicated!

Feel free to send me an email at dianamartinwriting@gmail.com and we can chat about scratching your itch with a custom piece of writing. I’ll be posting some samples shortly, let me know how you like them!

Warm hugs.