A Hot Little Twist; A Wife Cross Dresses Her Husband

With this posting I am presenting The Twist which addresses crossdressing themes. Twist Me!!!Crossdressing is definitely a male-dominated fetish. Maybe. I say that because as a woman, I can wear whatever I want. So maybe I can act on my fetish openly, and freely express an inner emotion by wearing a colorful dress that whisks over the skin of my legs in broad daylight, without so much of a glare? This is obviously not the case with men, who are subject to very restrictive boundaries by society. I mean, I know what I’m attracted to and it is not a man in a dress. Maybe. = P

There are probably a lot of emotional elements to crossdressing, and I am not a comprehensive expert on the matter. But it seems that one important concept for many, is how to come to grips with their crossdressing. Important issues relating to “coming out” need to be bridged. Another, more exciting, concept is the thrill of getting away with something that is taboo; like going out en femme or wearing something feminine underneath it all. The Twist approaches both of these concepts directly.

There is also a sex scene at the end of this story, that completes the twist. The sex scene might provide an element of femdom that is particularly satisfying to some. I’m just theorizing about this of course, but it could be that a lot of crossdressing men simply enjoy the escape from their alpha male societal requirements. So the sex scene at the end of The Twist might just cap off a full dose of what they need to scratch their itch!


~ Diana


Summer Erotica is Around the Corner!!!

here-comes-summer-1From the nasty sting of a Portuguese Man of War in the warm Atlantic Ocean, to the hot crush for a beach stud.  I love summer erotica! And thank gawd daylight savings time and warm weather is around the corner.  I am soooo ready for it!!!

I recently met someone who had a story to tell about the time she was stung by no ordinary jellyfish, and it struck me just right.  I loved it in fact. The creature that stung her was a Portuguese Man of War (how much more romantically dangerous can it sound!); and her story is something begging to blossom wonderfully into an urban legend.  She says it’s a true story, and I do believe her.  Which makes it even hotter.  = P

What I love most about this story is that it appeals to all of my feminine love making instincts.  There is the obligatory ogling at a hottie, worrying not to appear stupid in front of him, having him take control, and losing it in the end.  Oh … my … gosh ……. can it scratch the itch any better?

I took a lot of my acquaintance’s accounts directly, and packaged them up into this tidy little story. Of course I am a geek, and carefully put in some wiki material to make all of us that much smarter even after reading a little spot of erotica.  But I hope I did her experience justice too.  As I thought about writing this story, I considered that one element that would make it even more arousing was to keep it a live, first person narrative from the main character.  I know I THOROUGHLY enjoyed writing this story as my own all the way until the ending.

Enjoy The Portuguese Man of War everyone, and happy beginnings of Spring in the Northern Hemisphere!

Warm hugs as usual,

~ Diana

An Arousing Story

I had a conversation with a friend about the subject of getting aroused.  What made the conversation unique was that we were specifically talking about getting aroused at the WRONG time.  We chatted happily and candidly about the places this has happened to us both.  Yeah ,,, it was a fun conversation.  The kind you have every once in a while.

So for inspiration for The Office Distraction I took that conversation and began to think about my office; and those awful, distracted days when I couldn’t get anything done for one reason or another — not necessarily THE reason I wrote about in The Office Distraction. Or maybe ,,,

You should also know that I like to role model strong female characters.  As you read The Office Distraction, I’m curious if you feel that the lead character is an alpha female or not.  Drop me a comment or note and let me know. I’d love to hear back from you.  And even better yet ,,, I’ll offer another challenge to anyone; tell me YOUR story.  Write it!  Or rewrite mine in the way how you want it.  I’ll probably work with you to post your writing to this site.

So ,,, Finally. Another story to post as I dedicate this site to erotica and fetish subjects built on trust.  I enjoy writing these stories even though some would think they’re trash.  I won’t lie ,,, this one is steamy.  Well these things are quick and fun trash at least; and the crowd knows best, don’t we!  So please, distract yourselves with The Office Distraction!

Warm Hugz and Fuzzy Distractions


Foot Slave Erotica


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I’m not sure what it is about our feet that gets us tingling with excitement, but it’s definitely true that a foot fetish might be more common than any other. Women love cute bows on shoes, and manicured toes. Men love to look. However simple, it’s always fun to find someone who can take something to its extreme, as revealed in my first posted sample story, The Mistress and Her Footslave.

Someone approached me a couple of years ago with a foot fetish, and an itch for femdom to go with it. Actually, it’s common to see these two fetishes go together as a lot of men enjoy the thought of sexy feet stomping, or trampling on them. I’m not sure, but it could be a welcome relief to escape the male bravado that they perceive society encourages. We like our men in control, right?

So back to The Mistress and Her Footslave; this would be no ordinary foot trampling. My friend showed me a shocking online video of a man getting slowly run over by a CAR! How does this relate to a foot fetish and femdom, you ask? Well it takes a woman’s foot to operate the car doesn’t it? I think you get the idea…

I like The Mistress and Her Footslave because it’s an example of creativity to the extreme. It’s also a neat example of how a story without a sex scene can also somehow be highly satisfying in an erotic sense. As you read the story, keep in mind that a lot of people are highly sensitized to its content in erotic ways. It’s just a wonderful example of an innocent fetish, twisted to the extreme; but it still stays innocent. Enjoy!

Introduction to Erotica & Fetish Writing


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Introductory messages can be so full of hope and expectations!

I love writing in the erotica and fetish genre because it connects me to so many genuine people all over the world. A person who shares his or her inner fantasies is taking a risk that he or she will be judged. But that person is typically happier, less suppressed by nature, and has nothing to hide. I find that type of person more trustworthy, and I like that.

Obviously I also enjoy writing erotica because I get an exciting charge from it also. <raar> & <plant tongue firmly in cheek>  Aren’t some fetishes and fantasies so creative? I just love that.

Lastly, let me also confess to you that I am not so new at this. I decided to start this website and blog from scratch to more target my endeavor with you.  I hope it evolves to be very intimate in the long run in appearance and content.

Your erotica and fetishes plus mine, dedicated!

Feel free to send me an email at dianamartinwriting@gmail.com and we can chat about scratching your itch with a custom piece of writing. I’ll be posting some samples shortly, let me know how you like them!

Warm hugs.